Freight Broker Training: Short Distance Freight. What You Need To Know!

Cab And Chassis Trucks – The Skeletal System

Generally speaking, a cab and chassis truck simply refers to a skeleton-like truck. The cab is intact but the chassis is simply a rail that allows you to have any type of equipment installed. The more popular types of these trucks are used for the assembling of box trucks or emergency vehicles such as ambulances. The chassis is fitted with the necessary aftermarket equipment which allows it to be used for whatever purpose is needed.

Conventional Trucks – We Move Your World

You see them on the freeways every day. Conventional trucks or semis are virtually everywhere. Without them, we would be hard pressed to find anything in stores that we want or need to purchase.

Box Trucks – the Rubik’s Cube of Transportation

Box trucks are also referred to by many people around the world as cube trucks or box vans. They are simply trucks with cube-shaped cargo areas. These trucks typically range from 14 feet to 24 feet in length, although there are smaller versions available in many areas of the world.

The Triangle Business Connection Between Companies, Trucking Industries and Freight Brokers

Have you ever heard of this terms such as “freight broker” or even “trucking industries” before? Ever wonder what is their connection and benefits of business development to companies all over the world? After writing this article, I can conclude they have a connection between each other.

Chassis Trailers – Built to Fit Your Needs

A chassis trailer is much like a cab and chassis truck, with the exception of the cab. These trailers are basically skeletons that you can add to in order to have the hauling capacity that you need. They simply include the bottom frame, one or more axles and locking devices for the assembly.

Dump Trailers – Handle Those Tough Loads!

These trailers are used for transporting loose substances that are not liquid. They are ideal because once you have arrived at your destination you simply dump your load in the appropriate spot.

How Do I Get an Accurate Moving Quote?

It always comes down to cost. Which car lease has a lower monthly payment? Which laundry detergent costs less? Which gas station offers cheaper gas? We do the same thing when we move. We weigh the cost of hiring a moving company against the hassle of doing it ourselves. Sometimes we decide to use a moving company to help; sometimes we don’t and end up regretting it. A big mistake is to go with a less expensive moving company and end up paying in frustration. Walls get scratched, a leg of a chair breaks off or something turns up missing. How smoothly your move goes may depend on how you evaluate and select a company. And many people choose a moving company based on their “estimate.”

Hybrid Cars, Trucks, and SUVs Reduce CO2 Emissions, Help the Environment

Global warming is a major issue in the United States today, and lately, it seems it’s been in the news more than ever. In 2008, a pivotal election year, every major or minor candidate running for office would be remiss not to address issues of fuel conservation, carbon emissions reduction, and alternative energy sources. New and used cars and trucks alike burn gasoline to enable motion, and gasoline burning is a major source of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. Over time, the cumulative effects of global warming can include significant increases in Earth temperatures; the melting of polar ice caps, and severe weather incidents resulting in property destruction and losses of human life. One easy way to reduce CO2 emissions is to reduce the amount of fuel burned per day, per month, and per year.

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