Freight Broker Training: Shipper ADMITS To Using Outdated Rate Tools

Gas Prices Are at Their Highest Levels Ever – What Does This Mean For Truckers?

In the United States, over 178 million gallons of gasoline is consumed every day. Gasoline prices are on the rise again as a barrel of crude oil hit $102 today. It doesn’t appear there is any end in sight. With the war in Iraq, and the Hurricane season approaching in a few months, oil and gas prices will only creep up higher in the coming months. During the past week, gas prices rose over 5%, reaching its highest levels since 2007. The average price for Diesel gas is now over $3.50. Who would have guessed this would be the case a few years ago while we were complaining about $1.50 per gallon gas?

Truck Drivers – How Can Driver Leasing Benefit Your Company?

Do you do your own legal work, your own accounting or conduct surgery on yourself or your loved ones? Then why attempt to manage one of your company’s major expenses – Transportation. Outsourcing the hiring, retention and training of your transportation department has proven to increase productivity and reduce overall costs.

Truck Drivers – Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Random Drug and Alcohol testing is mandatory for all Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers. Section 382.305 of the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations states that “every employer shall comply with the requirements of this section, which includes submitting to random alcohol and controlled substance testing.” The rules in which a motor carrier must follow are very specific. This article will explain the best way to go about a random drug and alcohol testing program.

Trucking – The Depreciation of Drivers

The trucking industry is not as strong as it used to be. Because of this, there might be problems for our economy.

Seven Secrets To Keeping Your Truck In Top Shape

If you take the time to do these, you’ll get that job done on time, and you’ll earn a reputation as a driver who is reliable. You’ll save money, and you might even get a raise.

Adding Bed Rails To Your Truck

Truck customization is a great way to add your unique style and personality to your ride. In the article, I explain some of the common styles of bed rails to add to your truck.

Troubleshooting Disc Brakes

Drum brake actuator being used – These actuators have check valves that hold pressure in the lines for faster response time on drum brakes. With disc brakes, this pressure translates into dragging overheating brakes.

Is Lorry Driving What it Used to Be?

Currently, there is a feeling of real doom and gloom hanging over the logistics industry. You just have to look at the squeeze lorry drivers are facing with rising fuel prices, LEZ charges and congestion fees increasingly cropping up. On top of pretty much everyone feeling a financial pinch, a survey on our site has revealed that over half of our members are working in excess of 60 hours per week – it’s no wonder there’s a hankering for the ‘good old days’ of haulage. But was taking a backload then really any better?

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