Freight Broker Training: (Paperwork) What Freight Brokers MUST Know!!

Jeep – The Best Off-Road Vehicle

Want to get your vehicle really dirty? The only solution for satisfying this urge is to go off-road.

Diesel Vs Gas

More and more people are choosing hybrid and as an alternative to gasoline. In the past, diesel was reserved for buses, trucks, and other heavy haul vehicles that log thousands of miles every week. Today, cars, vans, and SUVs are beginning to utilize diesel engines to help people save some cash.

Appreciating the Sport of Mud Boggin

A quick look at mud boggin as an increasingly popular sport in many rural parts of the country reveals how inventive people can be in coming up with entertaining ways to get down and dirty in the mud. The sport itself makes use of 4×4 trucks that have been fitted with a lift kit and have had their motors improved and fortified. The trucks are driven through muddy trenches and winners are those with the fastest times.

A Guide to Tachographs – The Lorry Driver’s Friend

Studies have shown that around one in six of serious crashes are caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel. That’s what service stations are for: freshen up, do a crossword and have a bite to eat before you’re ready to go again.

Antifreeze – Do Not Leave Home in Your Truck Without It

Do you remember that fairy tale where a lion insults a mouse only to get caught in a trap? The mouse returns to chew the ropes and help the lion become free again? That story taught us the important lesson that even small things can be very useful in the long run. The same is the case with maintenance of trucks as well. We spend so much timer focusing on the engine, transmission and other important and expensive components in the truck that we forget the role of antifreeze in the maintenance of truck.

For Truckers – Driving With Your Gears and Not Your Brakes

This is for the new truck drivers who were never taught the basics in the truck driving school. It’s a foundational lesson that could save their lives.

Searching For Your Classic GMC Truck

Collectors recently have been able to locate a great deal more classic GMC pickups for sale than ever before. It depends on how you label “old”, or as some people call “classic” pickups, an older GMC pickup is hard to outclass.

How Do Truck Drivers Communicate With Other Drivers? Using Special Signs of Course

Using technology to communicate with other truck drivers is always an option. However, it is imperative that you are aware of the languages of truck drivers. Do such drivers have a special language? Well, it is but obvious that the language is not oral or written but consists of signs that can be made from the inside of a truck.

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