Freight Broker Training: Must Have App For All Freight Brokers In 2021

The Top Trucker Organizations & Resources

Truck drivers are facing additional stresses now that diesel fuel prices are rising nearly every day. They may need help in many ways, both professional and personal. Thankfully, there are organizations that help truckers.

Is the Trucking Industry Ready For 21st Century New Technology?

New technology is making many jobs easier. Is the trucking industry ready for new technology to revolutionize it, as well? Some drivers can’t wait for the trucking industry to catch up with other industries by way of technology; but not everyone feels the same way.

Why Some Truck Drivers Get Road Rage

Turn on the television to watch the news and you’re likely to see at least one story of injuries or deaths caused because of road rage. Do truck drivers get road rage? Unfortunately, some of us do.

Should Trucking Be a Family Affair?

Truck driving, over-the-road driving, long-hauling, or driving the big rig, it doesn’t matter what you call it, driving a diesel truck across the country is an honorable career. Truckers help the rest of the country by delivering the items needed to fill stores. It makes one wonder should trucking be a family affair?

How to Get Performance Parts For Trucks at a Discount

So what can you do to find discount parts? Is there any place you can go online? Whats the real price difference between these so called discount stores, and a regular store online?

Truck Water Fuel – Convert Your Truck Into a Hydrogen Hybrid

The world is facing an energy difficulty due to high gasoline prices. The United Stated consume one quarter of the world oil production and 70 percent of that is used for transportation. One of the main form of transportation is trucks. Trucks are an important element for the nation economy growth because it moves goods throughout the country. Sadly, the recent fuel price hike has hit truck owners hard. One option to reduce fuel consumption is to use truck water fuel. This article will provide some information on the technology.

Truck Water Fuel – Gasoline Saving Tips For Trucks

Trucks are very important for a national economic growth because it moves good from one location to another. Unfortunately, with the recent fuel price increase, many truck owners are finding it hard to refuel their vehicle and make a living. Most truck owners are unable to abandon their vehicle because it is their main source of income. The solution is to either use a cheaper energy source or increase its fuel mileage. One option is to use truck water fuel to reduce gas consumption. How does the technology works? This are article will provide some information on the subject.

Truckers’ Health Concerns

Due to the nature of their jobs, truckers face increased health risks like diabetes and high blood pressure. The system currently in place does not have a strict means of checking truckers’ medical exam certificates. A truck stop in Ontario might have found a solution.

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