Fixing Up The ABUSED 2016 Silverado Purchased At The Auto Auctions | Weird MISTREATED Copart Truck

Choose the Best Truck Tool Box

If you have a truck and you are a very organized person, then let me suggest a very effective way on how you can arrange your tools. This suggestion is definitely foolproof just as long as you make the necessary steps on how to secure your things. This is also a great way for you not to misplace anything. So if you are really interested to know, just read on.

18 Wheelers – The Most Dangerous Vehicles on the Road

18 wheelers are a serious force on the highway. Just their size alone is enough for any other car on the road to try to stay clear. But the dangers of 18 wheelers go way beyond size. Drivers should vigilantly search for any trucks that may be approaching their vehicles while on the road.

Used 4×4 Advice

Another factor to consider when looking at buying a used 4×4 is whether the body has many dents or even scratched paint or looks like it has been knocked around underneath the truck. If this is the case, there is a good chance the truck has had a lot of off road work and may have been knocked around a lot. In this case it may not be the best option to buy this vehicle.

Choosing an Over-the-Road Truck

Once an economic recession at the bottom of the business cycle really gets going, the trucking industry just gets hammered something silly. Thousands of independent truck drivers go out of business, and many smaller trucking companies just can’t compete, their economies of scale are just not there, and there was really nowhere else to cut costs considering the onerous regulations from the Department of Transportation. As more and more independent truck drivers and smaller trucking companies go out of business, and yes, some larger ones due, hundreds of thousands of trucks and up on the market, these are used…

What is Truck Factoring and Why is it Helpful?

Factoring is a common practice in the trucking industry as a way to keep their finances in order and to collect debts quickly. In the trucking industry, bills and debts from so many companies can get complicated, and trucking companies are sometimes forced to wait a long time to collect the money they are owed. Factoring is advantageous for any trucking company manager who is tired of waiting for a long period of time before collecting each debt and needs the money on a shorter time scale.

Truck Accidents – What You Need to Know

Truck accident liability is not like your typical car accident. There are distinct differences between car and commercial truck accidents and understanding them is key to protecting yourself if you have been in a truck crash.

Benefits of Independent Truck Companies

In business, many people strive to be their own boss. This credo is not lost in the trucking industry. Many people become truckers to avoid the hassle of working in an office and having to answer to a hierarchy of bosses and managers.

How to Lease a Semi Truck

In today’s economic crisis, many truck drivers are beginning to lease out their semi trucks. A financed lease gives the driver a business tax deduction, while being more affordable than buying. When an individual has their own truck, versus driving a truck owned by a company, the driver makes the decision of which truck will be driven. There is also a greater amount of control of where the truck travels if it is privately owned.

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