Fedex driver didn’t set his brakes #shorts

How Do Forestry Trucks Manage the Forests?

Do you know the different types of forestry trucks and how they help maintain the forests in the best possible condition? Read this article to learn the different types of forestry trucks and the jobs they perform!

Important Benefits of Buying Used Forestry Equipment!

Are you in the market for some used forestry equipment but unsure if this is a wise move? Read this article to learn the important benefits that can be gained by buying used forestry equipment!

Logging Roads for Forestry Trucks: Balancing Cost Vs Access

Do you know about logging roads and their impact on current and future access to a logging area? Read this article to learn how logging companies must balance the accessibility to forests versus the cost to build such highways!

The Evolution of Fire Trucks

Fire engines have become iconic in our times. The big red truck is immediately linked with bravery, emergencies and of course – fire, a destructive force that can cause havoc to residential areas, wildlife sanctuaries, crops and farms. Raging infernos can not only kill, but also cause extensive damage to businesses and land.

Secure Your Cargo on The Road

The most dangerous vehicles on the highway are big trucks. It’s not about accident statistics, it’s about the consequences when a big rig gets involved in an auto accident. The mere thought can sometimes cause a heart attack. I have seen one accident which involved an 18 wheeler, it was on I-40, I was driving west bound in Tennessee, the accident was on east bound, the huge truck blocked most of the east bound lanes, the traffic was nightmare for anyone who was driving east bound. I had no idea about casualties in that accident, I didn’t even want to imagine what happened to the drivers of the truck and other vehicles involved, I wished them good luck.

Important Information About The Carrier Safety Administration (CSA)!

What do you know about the Carrier Safety Administration (CSA) that was implemented in December 2010 and how it affects large commercial vehicles? Read this article to learn what the CSA is and its benefit for all highway drivers!

Bucket Truck Extinction – Is It Possible?

Have you ever wondered if the bucket truck might disappear from the commercial vehicle scene and be replaced by something else? Read this article to learn if this idea is fact – or fiction!

How to Tie Down a Pickup Truck Load

If you ever need to move anything, from junk hauling, to helping a friend move across town, knowing how to tie things down in a pickup truck can be a helpful skill. An improperly secured load can result in a heap of trouble. Objects can fly out of the back of your truck causing danger for other motorists.

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