Ep.3 Life of a trucker. What a day what a day No Tires within 100 miles. #trucking #breakdown #otr

Dirty Hands, Clean Truck?

When it comes down to it, few of us like doing the boring jobs like cleaning the house, or cleaning the truck even… But… Do you have to get your hands dirty to get your truck clean? Well, yes, if you are going to undertake the job yourself. No, if you’re going to employ the services of someone else to do it for you.

3 Ways to Get the Best Hard Truck Bed Cover

A hard truck bed cover may be just the ticket to protect your cargo from weather and prying eyes. Problem is there are too many choices. Here’s how to choose…

Electric Truck Kit – The Easiest Way to Convert a Pickup Truck to Run on Electricity

Many people are starting to see the benefits of an electric car. It is efficient, low maintenance cost and does not need a drop of gasoline. Unfortunately, a brand new electric vehicle (EV) is still quite expensive and a lot of people cannot afford it. Hence many car enthusiasts are converting a gas driven car to run on electricity. The best donor car for an EV conversion is actually a pickup truck. How do we convert a truck to use electric power? We start by getting an electric truck kit.

Retrofit Electric Truck – First Step, Get an Electric Vehicle Conversion Guide

Many people are thinking about converting their gasoline driven car to electric. Majority of car owners were not prepared when local gas prices shot through the roof back in 2008. Hence, people are taking proactive step to shield themselves from any future energy cost hike. One solution to reduce our dependency on fossil fuel is to use electricity to power our vehicle. Unfortunately, a new electric vehicle (EV) from a manufacturer is still quite expensive. Many car enthusiasts have started to convert their existing car to run on electricity. One of the preferred vehicles for electric car conversion is a pickup truck. How do you retrofit an electric truck? The first step is to get an electric vehicle conversion guide.

Homemade Electric Truck – Why a Pickup Truck is the Best Electric Donor Vehicle

More and more people are starting to appreciate the electric car. Back in mid 2008, crude oil prices were at its highest and many car owners were having a tough time coping. Some have chosen to leave their vehicle at home and use the public transportation instead. Others have decided to find a cheaper way to travel by exploring electric vehicle (EV). Unfortunately, a new EV is still quite expensive. One way to own an affordable electric car is to convert an existing gasoline driven vehicle to run on electricity. The best donor car for EV conversion is actually a pickup truck.

Do it Yourself (DIY) Electric Truck – Save Money by Driving Your Own Electric Truck

Many car owners are starting to see the benefits of an electric vehicle (EV). It is cheaper to run compared to a gasoline driven car and has zero emission. Unfortunately without economy of scale, electric cars are still quite expensive to own. Many people have chosen to convert a gas driven automobile to run on electricity. The best type of car for an electric retrofitting is actual a pickup truck.

The Many Different Ways to Find Antique Fire Trucks For Sale

A lot of common citizens have a very strong and favorable opinion of firefighters and of the fire fighting equipment that the firefighters use. After all firefighters and their firefighting equipment saves people from a horrible death by fire. One form of collecting that has surfaced is the collecting of antique firetrucks. Like any other item that people strive to collect there some things someone should do to find the fire truck of their dreams.

Why Finding Your Heavy Duty Trucks For Sale Online is a Good Idea

With the rise of the Internet and online shopping, finding items for sale has never been easier. One item that can be found for sale online is the heavy duty truck. There are many websites available for finding heavy duty trucks for sale, and some search engines have an option to find used vehicles online.

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