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Research Is Crucial Before Buying a Boom Truck!

Are you looking for a boom truck for your company needs? Read this article to learn some important information about what the buyer should do before investing in this heavy-duty piece of equipment!

Vacuum Trucks Last Longer With Routine Maintenance!

Are you concerned about making a vacuum truck last for a long period of time? Read this article to learn about the proper maintenance that can give these vehicles a long service life!

Selecting The Right Rims For Your Truck

Selecting rims for your truck is often complicated, since different conditions of driving are a key factor in truck rims selection. But also, there are different types of trucks too; SUV’s (sport utility vehicles), rides specialized for high loads, pickup and light trucks. All these types of trucks are compatible with different types of wheels, so you have to be careful when choosing your truck rims.

Digger Derricks Make Construction Efficient!

Are you looking for a way to keep your construction efforts more efficient? Read this article for information about how a digger derrick can help!

What Exactly Does B50 Life Mean?

In the Towing Equipment industry many tow truck dealers use B50 calculations to estimate the expected life before an engine requires overhaul, replacement or other rotating equipment. In the car carrier and wrecker world it is usually described in terms of “miles of operation” in the trucking community. B50 is the calculated estimate of when 50% of the engines of a certain type will require major repair (repairs requiring dropping of the oil pan or removal of cylinder heads – it does not refer to rotating components attached to the engine) and is often referred to as…

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