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Driving Safely Near Large Trucks – Braking Difficulties

Large trucks can be intimidating to drivers in small cars. In the event of a collision, the fate of the occupants in the small car is usually much more severe than the fate of the trucker. Despite the dangers posed by large trucks, many passenger car drivers are unaware of the ways that their own driving habits can contribute to accidents. More often than not, passenger car drivers do not understand the added difficulties encountered while driving a large truck and therefore are not fully aware of how to drive safely when in close proximity to a truck. A motorist can ensure the safety of everyone on the road safe by taking the time to learn about safe driving near large trucks.

Sharing the Road – Tractor Trailers and You

An accident with a tractor trailer can be a devastating collision and have dire consequences for you and your passengers. A full big rig can outweigh the average vehicle by many tons, leaving your car no chance to resist the force from a crashing truck. While accidents will happen, there are steps you can take to ensure the safety of you and your family while traveling our roads interstates. Defensive driving techniques will help you avoid potentially deadly collisions with tractor trailers and allow both you and the truck driver to arrive at your destination safely.

Forktruck Hire – The Ins and Outs

An introduction to fork lift trucks, when they were first created and why it is so important to receive the proper training before operating one. One of the best ways to search for a forktruck hire company is to look online, here are some tips.

Driving Safely Near Large Trucks – Be Aware of Blind Spots

Most people are aware of the dangers posed by big trucks on the roadway. In an accident involving a large 18-wheeler and a small passenger car, the consequences are likely to be severe or fatal for the car occupants. However, most passenger-vehicle drivers do not know the difficulties and special skills needed to drive a large truck, and therefore do not understand the proper way to drive their own cars when in close proximity with these large trucks. A well-informed motorist can keep everyone on the road safe by learning about driving safely around big trucks.

Customize Your Service Truck Bodies

As trucks are considered as one of the most useful vehicles in the modern civilization, the demand for custom truck bodies are on the rise at present. The truck owners are looking for aluminum truck bodies in the aftermarket that are equipped with additional features that improves the functionality, safety as well as the look of the service truck bodies.

Updates on the Trucking Industry

According to online sources, the trucking industries now include more than 110 thousand carriers for hire. There are over 350 thousand independent truckers who own their own transportation and operate them daily.

Vending Trucks

Very few vending companies know how to plan and then design their vending-machine-route trucks, it is a monkey see, monkey do vending world when it comes to this subject. If you are in the vending route business and you understand how to design a proper route vending-truck, let me congratulate you right now.

VMT Technologies Announced Green Transmission For SUVs and Trucks

After 4 years of research and development VMT Technologies has announced its new green transmission for hybrid SUVs, light and heavy trucks plus electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. VMT Technologies says its new “Universal Transmission” saves 30-percent in fuel costs over standard transmission and will also outperform CVT transmissions as well.

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