“DIY Batteries Install” Booked $2200 on 330 miles!!! KenWorth W900 550HP CUMMINS Know Your Worth

Improving Gas Mileage on Your Jeep

Many Jeep owners wonder “How do I improve my gas mileage?” These simple, easy to use tips will have you on your way to better gas mileage in no time.

The Most Common Jeep After-Market Parts

When many people think of after market installations to vehicles, they often think of items that improve speed and racing performance. What people don’t realize is that Jeep owners are often the ones making the most modifications to their new vehicles. Read on for more.

Mud Bogging Requires Strong Mudding Trucks

There’s a new sport taking place in many rural areas of the country. Called “mud bogging, ” it’s a way to bring a little excitement to what may sometimes be a somewhat staid rural existence. Of course, the sport needs trucks to take place. And that’s where mudding trucks used in the new sport of mud bogging come into play. The essence of the sport is big 4×4 trucks going wild in the deep mud.

How to Replace the Exhaust Manifold on a Ford F-150

The Ford F-Series has been around since 1948 with tons of body styles and performance options available. When it comes to F-150’s that were manufactured from 2001- 2003, as well as the 2004 Heritage editions, replacing the exhaust manifold can be a tricky process. For 4.6L and 5.4L engines, removing and installing a new exhaust manifold entails the same easy procedure. Keep reading for the step by step process of removing the exhaust manifold on your Ford F-150.

Truck Driving at Night – Tips to Fight Drowsiness and to Stay Alert When Driving

It is incorrect to presume that truck driving is all about driving during the day and sleeping at night. There may be some routes where you cannot drive the truck during the day. There may be some instances where you may have to drive the truck through urban areas and may be forced to wait for nightfall. Further, there may be some other instances where you may have drive all night to reach the motel.

Cummins Engine Assistance – Where to Find it

Cummins diesel engine engines have been around for quite some time now. From the early days of the first P.L.N. or pump, line, nozzle engines to the more sophisticated E.G.R. engines of today. Displacements range from the 4BT four cylinder to a whopping 855 cubic inch inline six. Through the years, as technology has grown, Cummins diesel engines have kept pace with it. No longer will you see a Cummins engine bellowing thick, black smoke just trying to keep out of it’s own way. Today’s modern diesel engines produce tremendous power while emitting the tiniest of a carbon foot print. Brawn and brains. The best of both worlds.

57 Chevy Pickup – V8 and Open Mouth Design

The 57 Chevy truck traces its roots back many, many years. In fact, it goes all the way back to the start of the 1900s! The first Chevy pickup truck went on sale in 1918. It was produced by William Durant and Louis Chevrolet.

Toyota 4 Runner – 14 Features You Can Not Live Without!

Buying a 4 runner or any car used to be much simpler. Now with all the extras, it becomes a monumental decision. If you sit down and make a list on the features you can not live without, the list may be a long one.

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