Truck Drivers Noticing Fewer Dead Bugs on Windshields

Many truck drivers as noticing fewer bugs these days on their windshields. What Happened to All the Bugs? This is indeed a typical topic of conversation at the truck stops and over night rest areas, as normally the bugs would be plastered on the windshield. Many bug species might be having problems you see?

Should You Change The Exhaust On Your New Tundra?

Modifying the exhaust on the Toyota Tundra can be a good way to get more power and improve the sound of your truck. However, before you make any changes, read about the BEST way to modify your Tundra.

Truck Permit Services And Application Requirements

Helpful advice for anyone looking to apply for a commercial truck permit or license and explains the various types of programs involved.

What is a 50 Year Old Truck Driver Going to Do with No Retirement?

For those people who are 50 years old and driving a truck for a living and have no retirement plan they are probably pretty worried about what their future will be like. Saving for retirement is not easy but there are programs; “self-retirement plans.”

Independent Truck Drivers Have It Tough

It has never been easy to be an independent truck driver and with the high fuel prices, high cost of insurance and over regulations and bureaucracy; including out of control taxes it is a wonder that there are any Independent truck drivers left at all. And the ones who are left are upside down in truck payments and are not making very much money.

Getting A Truck Permit Online?

If your like most people who drive trucks for a living you hate waiting in line at the Motor Vehicle Department to get your truck permit so why not do it online, this article explains some of the truck permit services now available online.

The Role Of Government For Commerical Trucking Permits And Safety Laws

Describes the Role of Government for issuing truck permits to improve commercial truck driving safety.

Benefits of Tonneau Covers During Winter

Tonneau covers are beneficial for trucks during winter. As winter approaches truck owners need to begin the process of preparing their vehicle for the treacherous winter months. Many sections of a truck should be considered. One important area is the truck bed. Protection for the truck bed is provided by tonneau covers. These covers will protect both the truck bed as well as the cargo being carried in the bed. Along with protection these covers offer other benefits as well.

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