Damage truck and Broker lied to me on a $4200 load for 3 days or work.

How Can I Tell It’s an Alloy Wheel That’s on My Car?

Many wheel buyers get conned by fake wheel sellers. Many of you have bought wheels thinking that they are alloy wheels only to find out later that they are not. So how can one tell that the wheels they buy are real alloy wheels?

Did You Know That Off-Road Racing Can Be Fun?

Many people love off-road racing but only a few can tell the history of racing. Racing also has a history of when it started and how it started. The history also gives you light on the formats of racing available.

Car Drivers Major Fault of Auto-Truck Crashes

Although professional truck drivers have long taken the stand that car drivers are the leading cause of auto-truck crashes, industry safety initiatives have continued to pass the blame toward the commercial driver. As all agree within the industry, every accident is a tragedy to be taken seriously, but it is important to reiterate the facts concerning the fault of car-truck crashes in hopes of increasing awareness and education among auto drivers.

Heavy Equipment Wheel Loaders – Your Partner In Profit

Wheel loaders were first invented in the 1920’s wherein a cable operated bucket is mounted on farm tractors. They were hard to operate and they have limited capacity. The evolution of the loader started after the WWII when hydraulic systems were incorporated in the design of the machine. Now, the wheel loader has earned its reputation in mining, construction and road building. Its mobility and efficiency made it an essential tool for many industries including farming, agriculture, landscaping, quarrying, waste management and many more.

Wheel Loaders – Heavy Work Made Easy

Wheel loaders are heavy duty equipment designed to perform hard and heavy tasks when done manually by man. Loaders are not only for loading earth and rocks from excavation sites, they do so much more. This heavy equipment is built for performance to help increase your productivity and lessen the burden on your manpower.

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