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Water For Gas – Myth Or Fact? – Hydrogen Made From Water is America’s Future

While surfing the inter net I stumbled on an article about Jay Leno test driving a new hydrogen powered car. Jay spent 10 days driving around in BMW’s Hydrogen 7, a standard 7 Series sedan equipped with a 6.0-liter V12 engine that’s been modified to run on either gasoline or hydrogen.

Trucks of Today

The design of trucks today is moving beyond the standard views of either an SUV or a traditional truck. There are a number of crossover vehicles, and concern about fuel costs is also impacting the truck and SUV market. Many truck companies have a number of models based on the smallest platforms that these companies have ever offered.

Off Roading & SUVs

“Off roading” or “4 Wheeling” is a term referring to taking a specialized vehicle on unpaved roads such as muddy trails, sand, rocky terrain, snow or low lying areas filled with water. Hypothetically speaking, any vehicle can be driven “off road.” However, not every vehicle is made to perform off road.

Kenworth Trucks

Finding a good semi truck can often be difficult particularly if you have no idea what you are looking for. Kenworth trucks are of course on the list of most popularly chosen from truckers across the nation.

Your Truck Maintenance

Service your truck regularly and you will avoid costly repairs and accidents and will extend life of your equipment. Sounds like a good slogan.

Buying Repo Semi Trucks

With the economy slumping currently it is not surprising that many truckers have postponed their dreams of owning their own truck. The thing is that if you are planning to purchase a new truck there really is no reason for you to put it off.

Four Wheeling – Understanding An American Pastime

Four-wheeling, or off-roading, is a passion for many truck enthusiasts across the country. This article takes a closer look at why so many of us enjoy getting our trucks dirty.

Cummins Performance – The Best in the Biz

The Dodge Cummins diesel is known for its fuel economy and ability to be built up for power… and known for its transmission for different reasons. The Dodge Diesel trucks are the favorite of anyone that is looking for fuel economy in a diesel and doesn’t have a brand preference, because the dodge gets the best economy of them all. Even at that, things are tight with the cost of diesel and the hard times in the economy. There are some things that can be done to make it even more fuel efficient.

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