“Buying A Hood Truck” W900 550 Hp Cummins ISX With a lot of Help from Great People !!! Hood Watch 21

Where Do Digger Trucks Get Their Power?

Have you ever wondered what kind of mechanism allows digger trucks to perform the amazing feats they complete everyday? Read this article to learn more about the science behind the skill!

Save Money by Maintaining Your Digger Derrick!

Are repair costs for your digger derrick adding up and beginning to put a strain on your budget? Read this article to learn how preventive maintenance can save you both money and time!

Trucking – A Trucking Companies Worst Enemy

I have been driving professionally for 15 years. I have worked as a driver for owner operators to companies named in the top 50 company list. I have found some common deficiencies with trucking companies no matter their size. These deficiencies I believe are taking $$$$$$ from their profit margins and I can’t understand why no effort is made to improve it.

CDL Medical Requirements

Getting your commercial drivers license requires that you pass a basic medical examination. In this article I’ll discuss CDL medical requirements and at the end of the article I’ll provide a few resources where your can find more information…

The Difference Between Heavy Duty And Full Size Pickup Trucks

You’ve probably heard truck manufactures say that they have the best heavy duty pickup trucks. Or they may say they have the best full size pickups or compact pickups. Do you know what each of these means?

Get Your Tires Ready for Bad Weather!

Are your tires ready for bad weather that could occur any time of the year? Read this article to learn about the hazards that you could experience as well as how to avoid them!

Diesel Fuel Theft: The Trend of Price and Theft Incidence

Oil is one of the most sought after commodities the world over. The classic television show ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ dramatized the rush of easy money coming a deep pocket of liquified fossils. It took only a wayward firing from a rifle to catapult the family from rural Midwest to a posh mansion. The same can be said of diesel fuel theft, the thieves use simple tools and the cover of darkness to steal tens of thousands of euros worth of diesel in a single night. This article gives insight into the rising trend of diesel theft and how the new field of telematics can safeguard your fleet against risk.

What Digger Trucks Are All About!

Have you ever wondered about digger derrick trucks? Read this article to learn about the history of this vehicle and its various uses in many different industries!

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