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Tips for Winter Truck Driving

Driving a truck in the winter can be a challenge even for the most experienced drivers. There are many precautions that drivers should take while driving in winter weather conditions.

Truck Lease Purchase Agreement Issues

Many new truck drivers are entering into to lease purchase agreements with large motor carriers. At first glance many of these agreements look to be a very good deal for the new driver. Often times they are offered with no down payment, no credit check, and a truck payment generated by the load payment.

Truck Driving Gas Mileage Tips

There are many options that trucking company owners have to improve gas mileage of their truck fleets. With fuel prices rising, any increases in mileage per gallon can have a significant impact on the bottom line of large fleet operations. These options include, but are not limited to, adding anti siphon devices to the fleet, lowering the governing speed, and limiting idle time to a minimum.

Commercial Trucks Flatbed Trailers

When choosing a flatbed trailer to use, a commercial truck driver must weight their options. Trailers have changed over time to offer a much wider selection of styles and types. Drivers can now choose from aluminum or steel trailers.

Starting Out in the Trucking Industry

Many new truck drivers find themselves in a precarious position when it comes to finding work because of their lack of experience. A common issue with new drivers is finding the right place to start. When looking in the trucking industry for work, often times the most desirable positions require experience in the industry and new drivers are left in a rut when it comes to finding work due to their lack of experience.

Trucking Brokers Protect Themselves

Trucking brokers have begun to protect themselves from non covered cargo losses by purchasing contingent cargo insurance. The policy provides the trucking broker with coverage for the cargo being hauled in the event that the trucker’s policy has been cancelled not paid, or that the company has gone out of business.

Truck Drivers Taxes

Though it is important with any business to ensure that all of the business taxes are filed appropriately, in the trucking industry it is especially important that the business owner works with a CPA that is familiar with the industry. Being an owner operator poses endless challenges to the owner.

Truck Tire Options

There is much debate amongst driver when it comes to wheels and tires for their trucks. For good reason, since there are a lot more options than on a personal auto. Drivers can choose between re-capped tires or new tires, super singles or regular, and steel or alloy wheels.

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