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Affordable and Effective Vehicle Wraps

Vehicles are used to advertise, starting from magnetic signs in the front or to completely vinyl wraps that have catchy by lines and colorful graphics. A variety of businesses are going in for this innovative advertising medium as people are always attracted to funny messages, graffiti and colorful graphics especially when they see all that on a vehicle.

No Idling – Your Refer Unit?

Officially referred to as the TRU ATCM (Transportation Refrigerated Units Airborne Toxic Control Measure), the refer (TRU) law was put into place in December of 2004. Since California can’t just tell truckers to stop idling their refer units, they’ve decided to simply make things miserable.

Pickup Truck Hauler – Discover The Bigger, Tougher Brother To Sports Utility Vehicles

SUVs have long been seen as the toughest kids on the motoring block, but many people are now finding them to be more hype than heavy-duty. Pickup truck haulers are the newer, more utilitarian alternative, but will rising gas prices stop them in their tracks before they can make the shift into the fast lane?

How I Converted My Truck Into A Hybrid For Under $200

Did you know that you can convert your car or truck to a water-burning hybrid? Did you also know that you can convert your car or truck all by yourself for under $200.00 without sacrificing performance?

Types of Vinyl Decals and Its Uses

As the concept of jazzy and funky cars gains momentum, more people are applying graphics to their cars and vehicles. For auto applications, high quality vinyl is used that is usually used in making signs. Vinyl used as wraps and stickers comes in different colors, prices and quality. There are three types of vinyl material that is used for different applications- Calendared, Intermediate and Cast.

New Truck Accessories – What’s Hot on the Market For Outdoor Enthusiasts

People who enjoy the outdoors such as hunters, off-road drivers, as well as other adventurers usually spend plenty of time in their trucks. Whether you are traveling across the country or just exploring the wilderness around you, now you can add all kinds of new truck accessories available on the market today. For your truck bed, seats, sound systems, and more – there are many different comfortable, appealing, and labor-saving accessories and features to adore!

Becoming an Owner Driver – Getting Started as a Courier

Courier Exchange’s Website Manager discusses the best ways of going about becoming an owner driver, from getting started to getting insurance to getting loads… Getting started as an owner driver is easy, and has the advantage of potentially becoming profitable pretty quickly due to the lack of overheads. However, there are some things to consider as you start, and this guide hopes to show you the kind of things you will need and the pitfalls to avoid when going freelance and becoming an owner driver.

Are the High Diesel Fuel Prices Taking Their Toll on Truck Washes?

Independent truck drivers are getting slaughtered with high fuel costs, some are now threatening to park their trucks if diesel prices rise any higher. Obviously, there is not very much profit left to afford truck washes. The other day, the Online Think Tank had some dialogue about the number of ancillary trucking industry sub-sectors were taking a hit because of the high diesel prices.

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