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Dodge Diesel Performance

The Dodge Cummins diesel is a favorite of many diesel enthusiasts because of how many modifications can be done to it. The Dodge Cummins diesel comes stock with great power and fuel economy and can be tweaked to get diesel fuel mileage in the upper twenties and some even report low thirties in mpg.

Duramax Diesel Performance

Duramax Diesel Performance… what more needs to be said? The Duramax came out with the fastest truck in the nation with their high horse power LBZ motor. The duramax is ideal to build up for power because of the almost bullet proof Allison Transmission that the truck comes with. In this article I will talk about a few of the popular modifications that are done to the Duramax.

What Truck Driving Jobs and Tonneau Covers Have in Common?

Choosing to buy a tonneau cover to help you in your truck driving job, can be a major outlay, but the money it can save you makes it worthwhile. As most of the trucks on the American market today, come without any protection of the cargo box, you’ll be well advised to consider adding…

The Bobcat

All you want to know about excavators and their uses.

Truck Sales to Decline

Truck sales are declining due to fuel efficiency, environmental responsibility and vehicle styling.

Tonneau Covers – A Cover For Your Truck

If you are carrying items in your open pick up truck, and you need to protect them from weather conditions and theft, maybe it is time you invested in what is known as a tonneau cover.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Buy A Jeep

It seems like everyone I know likes the Jeep Wrangler, the timing is right to consider buying a newer used Wrangler. They are fun in the sun, 4 Wheel drive in the winter, and very capable off pavement. There is a large after market of parts available, which makes it easy to modify and upgrade.

What Should You Know Before Buying A Used Truck

Buying a used truck is no small thing as lot of money is involved and this investment is also directly responsible for making your work more efficient. Earlier, trucks were pretty simple with the basic build and there were not many options or confusion when it came to buying a truck be it new or old.

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