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Trucking Convoys of the Future and Artificial Intelligence

In the future vehicles including trucks, actually especially trucks will line up by size and run down the highway at higher rates of speed only feet from the bumpers of those in front of them. This will save lots of fuel due to the aerodynamic synergy gained and allow for more vehicles to travel with far less traffic congestion. Sounds like a plan!

Defending Our Nation Using Trucks and Solid Communication Strategies

Perhaps you are unaware of the American Trucking Association’s Mobile Watch Program. The strategy enlists truck drivers and transportation companies to keep a watchful eye out for bad guys, evil doers and international terrorists. And guess what? It is working.

Truck Design – Materials – Propulsion and Fuel

Many people believe that the Trucking Industry is one of those old stodgy sectors of our economy where there are few if any new innovations. Well, let me blast that myth right off the highway here and now. Why you ask? Well we are witnessing a whole new era in Aerodynamic Designs in the Trucking Industry right now.

The State of the Trucking Industry

If we study the current state of the Trucking Industry and the statistical facts we see a much different picture painted than the perceptions purported by the general public. The Trucking and the Economy are very much inter-related as are all the Flows of Transportation in America and those which are beyond our borders. Interstate Commerce cannot exist without the trucking industry.

Auto Technology Moves Innovation in Truck Technology

What does all this Auto Industry Technology have to do with the Trucking Industry, ask many trucking professionals in the industry associations? Well, the Truck Convoys or AI (artificial intelligent) Assisted Modern Truck Systems are all systems which were born from advances in auto technology. Consider if you will the tremendous support that the auto-industry gave the contestants in the DARPA Challenge, as they competed for the title of creating the first autonomous vehicle?

Truck Wheels and Jeep Wheels – Which Ones are Right for You?

Choosing the right Jeep or truck wheels deserves lengthy consideration, as the right set of wheels can provide additional performance benefits that make buying them not just a stylistic decision, but a smart one as well.

Low Cost Diesel

Low cost diesel fuel is coming. bio-diesel is a clean green way to drive your diesel car or truck.

Can I Get a Warranty on a Second Hand Car?

Just because you buy a car second hand it doesn’t mean that you don’t have rights. However, what rights you have will all depend on where you purchase the car from. Knowing what your rights are and what you can do about them can be a problem when it comes to second hand vehicles because the vehicle could have hidden faults or the conditions defined in order for the vehicle to meet satisfactory conditions is lower.

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