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Brush Guards Go Modern

Buying a truck is an investment and the last thing you want is for the grille or engine to be damaged. Brush guards fit over the grille and provide double duty protection.

Hybrid Pickup Trucks – Benefits of Switching As Gas Costs Soar

The current economy is making a lot of people consider the benefits of hybrid vehicles, including hybrid pickup trucks. Some people, however, are not very well informed as to what hybrid vehicles even are or what they do, which can make them a bit leery about even considering one. Between the faltering economy and gas prices constantly on the rise, a lot of the people who rely on pickup trucks, for whatever reason, may want to consider the possible advantages of switching to hybrid pickup trucks.

New Truck Mpg – Get Ready For the 35 Miles Per Gallon Models

New truck mpg figures including the impending thirty five miles per gallon figures that will be achievable by trucks. Read the article to find out when.

Diesel Truck MPG – Beating Gasoline Engines For More Miles Per Gallon

Often times the diesel engine truck is used to haul very heavy items, opting to pick a diesel engine will not only benefit for the heavy load, but it will also help with the miles per gallon (mpg). Diesel truck mpg is much better than that of gasoline engines. While regular unleaded gasoline runs more smoothly and is easier to find, the engine that runs on diesel fuel should still be considered when buying a new truck.

Best Gas Mileage Pickup Truck – Top 5 by Ranking Revealed

Not only is the economy severely faltering right now but gas prices are through the roof and there seems to be no end in site. An increasing number of states are already seeing prices that are in danger of skyrocketing right past five dollars per gallon. As such, it is vitally important to find the best gas mileage pickup truck; our wallets practically demand it.

Diesel Pickup Trucks – Popular Models That Save You Money on Gas and Maintenance

Because gas prices are climbing at a steady and steep rate, a lot of people who require the use of pickup trucks for their personal or professional lives find themselves suffering. Generally, those people who use trucks on a daily basis, especially for their jobs, need such a big vehicle because they are carrying heavy loads. In such cases, a lot of them prefer a pickup truck diesel rather than a gas powered truck, because these pickup truck diesels are specifically designed to tow or carry extremely heavy loads without showing ill effects.

No Skid Row With Truck Bed Liners

If you have ever driven trucks without bed liners then you have probably experienced skid row. Skid row is in the bed of the truck and is the place where everything moves forward to the tailgate and then returns to the head of the truck bed every time you use the brakes. Heaven forbid you should have to stop quickly, because the sound of cargo hitting the metal sides of the truck bed is excruciating.

Count Miles Not Sheep – Staying Awake at the Wheel

Truckers who drive long haul routes are at risk of falling asleep at the wheel. There are a couple of simple tips to help stay alert and awake.

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