“Back From Vaca LETS HEAD TO ILLINOIS” Kenworth W900 Gets a New APU Daily Life OTR Trucking OTR

Custom Dually Wheels

One of the largest full size pickups on the market today feature two wheels and tires on each side of the rear axle.

Dodge Ram Review

Looking for a truck that has a shelf full of awards? The Dodge Ram is your best option. The Dodge Ram is a beautiful truck that has won the Truckin magazine “Truck of the Year” award, the 2006 “4 x 4 Award,” and the 2006 “Pickup Truck of the Year” Award.

Used Car Prices and the Dealer

Are you looking for a used care dealer? If you are, you should not have any problems finding one. In today’s day and age almost every new car dealer also has a used car lot where they sell trade ins, etc. But just like buying any car, you have to be worried about getting the best price possible.

Trailer Rentals: A Lower Cost Solution for Moving

Trailer rentals really are affordable and can be a great way to save money. If you are looking at purchasing a trailer for occasional hauling, look at the cost of renting a trailer versus the purchase price of a new trailer – it may make sense to just rent.

Book Clubs

Much like food, a book is best enjoyed when shared. This is probably the reason why book clubs sprout everywhere – readers get to share ideas, interact with other booklovers, and best of all, get books at specially reduced prices!

West Virginians Horrible Drivers Around Trucks

Last year when I drove through West Virginia and spent some time in the mountains traveling around to the smaller cities and meeting the very nice folks I noticed something about West Virginia that I had not noticed in many other cities and that is West Virginians are horrible drivers when they are around trucks.

Students Make Their Move For Eco-Friendly Transportation

Better alternative transportation technologies. This would be the goal of student engineering teams who would be hailing from more than thirty of the elite universities in the whole country. The event would be known as the Vehicle Design Summit and this is the very first of its kind.

Review of Ford Trucks

Ford delivers a very popular line of trucks every year. Get a picture of what Ford is doing with their line of trucks.

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