Used Pick Up Trucks For Sale Now at Rock Bottom Prices – Here’s Your Finder’s Guide

If you have been searching for used pick up trucks for sale, you have probably wondered if the prices will ever match the condition! Trucks are usually more expensive than cars, even if they are not in the best of condition. However, you can find some great pick up trucks for sale at rock bottom prices when you know where to look.

Who is the White Van Man?

Do you avoid the mythical ‘White Van Man’ when you see him on the road? A scientific survey has shown that it’s unfair to prejudge the drivers of light commercial vehicles on courier jobs and owner driver jobs on Britain’s roads.

Tips For Installing Do it Yourself Liquid Bed Liners

Do it yourself liquid bed liners are a fast way to make a truck look better plus a way to add some protection to your pickup. It’s a cheap way to go, but are there any tricks? That’s what we wondered as we chose to paint a liner on an old truck we own. Here’s what we discovered.

BullyDog PMT – Honest Review From a BullyDog Consumer

I installed one of the BullyDog Performance Management Tool (PMT) systems in my 2005 Ford F-550 with the 6.0L engine. My main purpose was hoping for a significant fuel increase, just like my dad and brother got with the 7.3s.

Get Service Trucks For Sale For Dimes on the Dollars – Here’s How

Many businesses are in search of service trucks for sale. You may have tried to purchase one through a classified ad in your local paper or even on Craigslist. If you’re fortunate enough to make the purchase before someone else beats you to it, you then have to hope it’s in as good of shape as advertised.

Mini Trucks Handle Big Loads

Mini trucks are special trucks that come imported from Japan. They are also known as “Kei” Class, “Keitora” or “micro” trucks. They are most famous for their toughness and their low gas usage. They are typically used for work on farms or factory lots. Companies such as Samurai Trucks even make special Japanese mini trucks with treads. Mini trucks are gaining in popularity because they are a highly cost effective, and fuel efficient alternative to larger vehicles.

Tips For Using the Herculiner Bed Liner Kit

The Herculiner bed liner kit makes good sense for many trucks. Why? It’s so much cheaper than a professional spray on liner. Get these tips though before you start…

A New Career As a Trucking Lease Purchase Owner Operator – The Answer to a Better Future

As a lease purchase owner operator or an owner operator you should be able to make over $100,000 per year. There is a high demand for drivers right now in the industry and there are many schools nationwide open and ready to train you for your new career as an over the road driver. You will find there are a variety of options available once you have finished your training and gained your Commercial Drivers License (CDL). As a lease purchase owner operator you will have choices on the direction your career will follow and the future will be up to you!

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