Large Haulage Firm Collapses

Shockwaves went through the haulage industry recently when a large company went into liquidation. Anyone involved in haulage work in any way will be shocked to hear about the collapse of Target Express, which is based in Ireland but operates throughout Northern Ireland and the UK. It was thought that the collapse of the large firm would lead to the potential loss of nearly 400 jobs across Ireland and the UK.

When a Back Load Lets You Down

One of the most frustrating experiences is when a promised back load doesn’t materialize. That’s when panic can set in! Organizing the back load On longer distance commercial journeys, the back load is an economic necessity.

What is Covered on a Typical Haulage Insurance Policy?

Haulage insurance is important for anyone who carries out transport contracts. Here are some of the typical things it covers.

An Investigation into the Diesel Industry

If you are involved in haulage work in the UK then you will be pleased to hear that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is planning a six-week investigation into the diesel and petrol industry. There is widespread concern in the industry that the fall in the cost of a barrel of oil is not being reflected at the pump, and it is hoped that the OFT investigation will shed light on the issue.

Getting Courier Jobs From Your Website: Does It Work? (Part I)

Many independents in the haulage and delivery industry are often told that an online presence is absolutely necessary in securing regular courier jobs, and, for many, this means coming up with a website to advertise services. Is having a website really useful when it comes to getting more delivery assignments? Well, yes and no.

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