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Save Money by Buying Used Truck Tires

Buying tires is one of those things that many people don’t take too seriously until they find out how much it costs. New tires are extremely expensive and why pay more when you can buy used tires for less but get the same quality and use out of them as you can with new tires? So, let’s look at one of the most expensive vehicles to own – a truck.

The Versatile Characteristics of Hydraulic Excavators

Hydraulic excavator is also known as digger, which is used in various applications. This equipment is high-performer and useful in working location that is more limited and less agreeable to usual digger. This excavator is utilized in applications which range from building of roads, pipeline in mining and digging of rocks that contains gold and diamonds.

Special Features of Kenworth Commercial Trucks

Everyone buys for a purpose and especially in case of truck buying there are various demands which needs to get served by the product as trucks are quite expensive buying products. The minimum requirements of trucks are the qualitative interior, efficient engine, sturdier and strengthened exterior, huge hauling capacities, dynamic drive abilities and longer lives.

Simple Life With Nissan Titan Chrome Trim Accessories

When it comes to Aftermarket Accessories for the Nissan Titan, it’s a KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Adding chrome trims to an already titanic truck is not a must-do, but a simple compliment to enhance the outward appearance of your truck.

History of Peterbilt Trucks

The original motor company that was bought by T.A. Peterman went by the name of Fageol Motors Co. As happened to many businesses during the Great Depression, Fageol Motors succumbed to bankruptcy due to the hurt economy. Before this occurred they had produced luxury buses and heavy duty trucks that were rugged and dependable.

The Sound and the Fury – How I Transformed My Tame Truck Into a Bellowing Beast

Off the line, I smoke ’em all…but not with stock components. Here are a couple tips I’ve picked up along the way for transforming your ride from tame to terrifying with just a few do-it-yourself upgrades.

EPA Tiers and What They Mean

The Breakdown In lasts months newsletter we discussed Tier 4 emissions regulations and how they have effected off road equipment manufactures and the struggles faced by design engineers working around Tier 4. This month we will break down each Tier stage and briefly describe the fundamentals behind each Tier in hopes of shedding a little more light on the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Tier program and its dark matter. For several years now, companies and individuals alike have read about, talked about and heard about the EPA’s Tier programs.

Lifting a Jeep

Jeeps are one of the most popular four wheel drive vehicles out there, especially in the USA. There are quite a few of them in Australia, but not anywhere near as many as what you can find in the USA. As a result of this, sourcing parts to lift and modify your Jeep is no problem at all. There are small lift kits right through to huge ones, depending on what you want the vehicle to do, and how you want it to look. Jeeps are very capable cars even in stock, but when you throw a few extra modifications onto them they become absolute weapons.

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