ABC’s of Preventative Maintenance For the DEF Engine

Trucks and Cars, Roadway Safety and Common Sense!

This article is to address some of the common issues that can cause truck car accidents. I see this happen to truck drivers all the time.

Which Is Best, Hard Or Soft Tonneau Covers?

Your buddy just bought a tonneau cover. He tells you it is a great addition to his truck and brags about how the cover is the best among others in the market.

Selecting the Right Trailer Tie Down Anchors

Before you purchase logistics straps to meet your hauling needs, you’ll first need anchor points on your truck or trailer for them to attach to. The type of anchor you need will depend on what kind of vehicle you have and the size and weight of your cargo.

Wire Rope – Securing Cargo and Saving Lives

Transport companies put their careers and stability on the line with every load they haul, even if the load is something as simple as a trailer loaded down with the fluffiest of teddy bears. If there are issues with the freight during transport, the carrier is directly responsible for the cargo; that’s why the security of that cargo is so important. When you want to keep freight in check you use all the necessary ratchet straps, hooks, cargo bars and wire rope to make sure that what you’re hauling stays secure.

Truck Driver Safety Tips To Reduce Winter Trucking Liability

Winter is just around the corner. Preparing your staff and drivers for winter weather challenges well in advance of its arrival will reduce the stress of this driving season. Winter weather and driving in snow and ice is difficult. It tests the skills and professionalism of our drivers. We must be mentally and physically ready to support them and get them home safely. Friction is the key element in being able to move, stop or maneuver the vehicle. The amount of total friction area on a typical 18 wheeled tractor-trailer is 7.3 square feet. This is an area roughly 3.5 feet wide X 2 ft long, approximately half the size of the top of a standard desk! This is not much friction area to control or stop 80,000 pounds.

A Truck Gun Rack Ensures Safe and Convenient Storage

Do you own a pick up truck and a firearm? If yes, you badly require a very crucial small gadget. This is a truck gun rack. It is an item used to hold pistols, rifles or shotguns in trucks. Guns and their racks are legal in many states. All the same, you must not ignore the laws put in place to control gun possession and usage. Situations happen when least expected. For example, someone could take your gun and use it to commit crime.

Choosing the Right ATV Gun Rack

A gun rack is a very necessary item for truck owners. It enables them to carry all types of guns that they own. Racks allow one to make use of available space for carrying guns incredibly well. If you keep a rifle in its utility rack, then you cannot drop it accidentally. You cannot even risk losing it to a no good thug. There are many styles available, including an ATV gun rack.

Prevent Load Shifts With Snap Hooks

Moving cargo isn’t an easy gig for anyone, whether it’s for personal reasons or commercial. From the outside perspective it seems like a simple task of moving a box or trailer full of goods from point A to point B but the one hauling that cargo knows it takes a lot more to get freight to its destination. Road conditions, weather, vehicle issues – these can all cause problems for the cargo if it’s not secured using a sturdy strapping system that includes ratchet straps, snap hooks and a variety of other means to keep loads from shifting.

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