“72 Hour Live Unload” Waste of 3 days Revenue!!! Bring Your Kids to Work Daily in the Life of OTR

Aerial Bucket Truck Safety: Hydraulic System Pollution

Do you understand the effect that pollution in hydraulic systems can have on the operation of an aerial bucket truck? Read this article to learn what effect various kinds of pollutants have on the operation of an aerial bucket truck!

Refrigerated and Flatbed Trailers for Shipping

The goods carrier companies have a need for a diversity of equipment in their fleet to meet the demands for transporting different types of goods. Among the most common of trucks that serve a little uncommon purpose are refrigerated and flatbed trailers. These two trailers serve the purpose of transporting very specific types of goods and so are designed in a different way.

Trailer Service Mistakes You Can’t Ignore

Tire pressure in your trailer tires should be checked if you asked for it or if it’s part of a certain service package. The only way to truly know if you are in doubt is to put one trailer tire down to 80 pounds, and check that tire after the trailer service is done.

How To Size Up Wire Rope For Your Project

Wire rope is a product that is appreciated for its strength and durability. However, it’s not a one size fits all situation, so it’s important to consider a myriad of factors before starting your project.

Will Big Trucks Predict the Road Ahead?

At the Commercial Vehicle Conference at the Great American Trucking Show in August, 2010, the commercial vehicle industry unveiled technologies that save fuel by forecasting the landscape ahead through onboard geographical positioning systems (GPS). These new applications of GPS and digital mapping really fine-tune the use of several systems already in place on the Class 8 trucks.

Tips In Painting An Old Truck

So you think your old but reliable truck needs a little face lift by re-painting it? After reading this article you ill definitely jump on your feet and would be glad that you’ve come across this material. Just like any other things here on earth, the amount of money spent on certain things will greatly affect the outcome of the job. Knowing firsthand how much you are willing to spend for the car repainting job is what you need to do. Aside from re-painting the old truck, you must consider other stuff like having it fixed.

Why Grease Motor Vehicles Regularly?

One of the best ways to keep all vehicles looking and operating like new is to make sure that they are greased often and properly. This is VERY important. However, Class 8 heavy-duty trucks need about three pounds of grease for the chassis and fifth wheel in one- or two-week intervals.

Tips For Buying A Used Pickup

Looking to buy a used pickup? These tips will help you spot the lemons and find the sweet deals when looking for a pickup.

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