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Commercial Truck Rates Vary Based Upon Area Being Driven

Commercial truck insurance companies have tailored insurance policies to accommodate the needs of the drivers looking for coverage. Policies are now being offered with multiple options for area travelers. Drivers can purchase policies that are for single state, western states, 27 state, and 48 states coverage. Drivers are able to choose between these options as needed.

Tips for Driving Truck in the Mountains

When driving commercial trucks in mountain areas it is important for truck drivers to take extra precautions. This will ensure the safety of themselves and the safety of other drivers on the road. There are many safety tips that truck drivers should be aware of when they plan on driving in mountain areas.

Chain Up or Pull Off

When driving a commercial truck the weather conditions ahead are always unsure. Many times driver are left with the option of chaining up the truck or resting until the roads are open and chains are not required.

Parking a Commercial Truck in Neutral or in Gear

There is much debate between commercial truck drivers regarding proper procedure for parking a truck, specifically whether or not to have the truck parked in neutral or in gear. An overwhelming majority of commercial truck drivers believe that it is best to leave the truck parked in neutral. They have very good reasons to say so.

Truck Trip Preparation

When preparing for a long trip it is important for a commercial truck driver to make sure that they have all of the necessary essentials. There are many things that a driver needs to make sure that they have on hand, because it will always be unknown when mechanical issues or weather conditions will force the driver to delay travel. Many times a driver will have to wait for extended periods of time, it is important that a driver has anything needed to reduce this down time.

Advantages of a Good Load Board

The article talks about the importance of a good load board for owner operators and independent truck drivers. Further it talks about how to select an efficient load board to get maximum benefits out of its services.

Shackles Are For More Than Just Rigging

Shackles were once thought of and primarily used in the rigging world. Today, two of the most common ones are seen and used by people around the world.

Truck Driving Schools – An Insight

The article talks about How and where to gain the degree in truck driving courses. The article further discusses various feasible options to start the course and how they will benefit you in your truck driving career.

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