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Improved Gas Mileage in Trucks

After purchasing eight 4×6 boards, you pull your four-door sedan up to the loading dock at Lowe’s. In disbelief the loading foreman looks at your car, “You want me to put these in that CAR?” As you help him stack the boards in the car, you realize that he’s right and it’s going to take a second trip to the store in order to get your entire purchase home.

Truck Value – Don’t Get Taken For a Ride

You’ve seen the ads with huge miles per gallon numbers in great big type. You’ve seen plenty of others with little tiny monthly payment figures also in big bold type. Switch on the TV and there are plenty of ads there too that feature little trucks pulling huge semis full of half-naked women up impossibly steep hills.

Undercover Tonneau Covers – Lighter, Stronger and Cheaper Than Fiberglass

If you want to buy a hard tonneau cover but aluminum isn’t for you, you don’t have to settle for fiberglass. There is another option; resin polymer. And, the leading manufacturer is Undercover Tonneau Covers. You won’t find a better truck tonno.

Choosing an International Freight Forwarder

Whether moving your own goods or for business reasons, it is important that you choose the correct freight forwarder or international removals company. These are inevitably for reasons that need not be explained however you may not realise the amount of criteria you should check before you decided to use a particular company.

The Lorry Driver’s Travel Checklist

On a long haul road haulage job, a lorry driver can be on the road for days or even weeks. That’s a long time for something to go wrong with your lorry – and if you are stuck by the side of the road waiting for help and paying for repairs, you and your company will be losing time and money.

Tonneau Covers For Pickups – Retractable is a Top Choice

Choose tonneau covers for pickups based on how you’ll use your truck. The best cover for your truck depends partly on how much security your cargo requires. Here’s why.

Need Advice on Buying a Folding Tonneau Cover?

First, I really think that you’re making a great decision in opting for this type. Folding tonneau covers sit between hard versions like fiberglass and soft vinyl version; lighter, cheaper and easier to install than hard, but more secure and weather resistant than traditional soft top versions. But which brand one should you buy?

Preventing and Avoiding No-Zone Accidents

Highway driving is an increasingly dangerous activity, as the number of drivers on the roads is growing higher and higher every day. Additionally, the speed at which highway driving takes place puts everyone on the road at risk for serious and damaging collisions. However, even taking into account both of these risk factors, one of the most threatening aspects of highway driving is the incredible and growing size disparity between vehicles on the road. Very small personal vehicles frequently find themselves in close proximity to large commercial trucks while traveling at very fast speeds.

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