3 Ways Freight Brokers Build A REPUTATION That Wins Customers

6 Steps to Getting Your LGV Licence

Six steps to becoming a LGV lorry driver, its easy to get a Category C or C+E licence. These where previously known as HGV Class 1 and Class2 licences.

Tips to Properly Maintain Used Heavy Trucks and Increase Longevity

The majority of small companies and individuals working in the heavy industry own used heavy trucks simply because brand new ones can easily set them back over a hundred thousand dollars. Did you know that there are brand new heavy trucks that cost as much as a super car?! If you take that into account, it makes sense to take good care of your used heavy trucks. Otherwise it could mean thousands of dollars wasted on something that does not last as long as it could have. Follow these quick tips to extend the life of your used heavy trucks.

How to Find Good Parts for Used Heavy Trucks

Used heavy trucks are an economic necessity for many different people. But whether the buyer is an industrial company or an independent individual with a specialized job, buying a brand new truck just might not be feasible given the current economic climate. Although having a new truck would be nice, the hefty asking prices simply aren’t affordable for the majority of drivers or company owners right now which is why the used heavy trucks market is doing so well.As long as the major parts of the truck, like the engine, brakes, and chassis are in good working order, heavy trucks can last through almost anything, and being previously owned doesn’t render it any less capable.

Insulated Bucket Trucks – What They Do and How They Can Help You

Insulated buckets can be very beneficial to the safety of a worker when working in a bucket truck. They can protect you in many different ways. This article is designed to help to understand how an insulated truck can help you.

The Benefits Of Return Loads For Haulage Companies

The rapidly deteriorating state of the economy, and the rise in fuel prices that it inevitably brings along, have been placing the haulage industry in increasingly dire straits. Runs are no longer as profitable as they would have been a short few years ago, and hauliers and haulage companies are having to come up with ways to make their businesses more profitable. In this regard, groupage and return loads have been gaining increasing importance as a means for hauliers to make their journeys a touch more profitable. However, these practises are not exclusively beneficial for individuals – companies can benefit from them as well, namely to save on transport costs and booking fees.

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