3 Month Review: May Trucking OTR. What it is like?

Preventive Maintenance for Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Is Vital

It is mandatory in the United States of America that all vehicles are tested on a regular basis to ensure that they are working perfectly and meet the standards that are set by the Department of Transportation. This testing also involves checking the wheels of cars and trucks.

Mud Bogging Trucks – Turn a Pasttime Into Money in the Bank

Competing with mud bogging trucks has become a very popular past time and sport. Some do it for the sake of winning, some do it to see how much punishment their truck can take.

4X4 Mudding Trucks – Can Be Expensive to Repair But Fun to Play With

In many rural areas across the country communities engage in an activity called mud bogging. That is simply the act of driving a truck through a mud pit obstacle in as little time as possible.

4X4 Mud Bogging Videos Can Be Just As Entertaining As Driving in the Event

There are several ways to enjoy mud bogging. Some guys like to rig their trucks for the best results while there are in the pit, but some just enjoy watching and possibly filming the events of the day.

4X4 Mud Bogging – A Fun Way to Spend Time And Enjoy the Outdoors

One way to occupy free time in rural areas is 4×4 mud bogging. This activity is popular worldwide but it seems to have started in southern USA.

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