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What Is the Importance of a DAC Report to Truck Drivers in the Industry?

This article will be really helpful to truck drivers who are looking for a job change. Whenever you would move to a new trucking company for work, the company will ask you for your DAC report. Let us see what is this so called DAC report is?

Filing Your HVUT Forms

IRS Schedule 1 Form 2290 is used to pay Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (let’s call it HVUT for short). Those that need to pay HVUT can do so online through an IRS authorized e-filer. Online filing is mandatory when filing for 25 vehicles or more.

Size of Telescopic Handlers and Some Details

Telescopic handlers or telehandlers are some of the innovative hauling machines today. These machines have sensors that determine the loading capacity of these hauling engines.

Taking a Glance at Different Styles and Sizes of a Concrete Mixer Truck

The size of a concrete mixer truck dictates the quality and quantity of its output. It is ideal that you use something that can produce the right amount of concrete depending on the requirement of the project.

Specifications Needed for Tractor Restoration

The Ford 8N, John Deere 2630, and Massey Ferguson 135 are still used in farms because of their reliability in hauling other agricultural machinery. The tractor dimensions provide a general guide of the tractor size, but other specifications should be considered when repairing or restoring tractors that are no longer manufactured.

Are Vehicle Exhaust Requirements Too Stringent?

Engine manufactures has typically lagged behind progressive legislation that improves the quality of life for everyone. One would have to have lived in the pre-catalytic converter days to fully appreciate the difference cleaner running vehicles had made. Whew!

State Compliance With Federal Trucking Standards

Sometimes trucking laws and regulations may seem to put an unfair burden on trucking companies and drivers. However, most trucking laws are created with the intent to increase the safety of drivers and others out on the road and to protect damage to roads and bridges that must be repaired with federal tax dollars. For these reasons, the federal government imposes strict penalties, not only against individual trucking companies, but also against state governments, that do not comply with federal truck weight, size, and reporting laws.

Delta Toolbox Solutions

For more than 40 years Delta Consolidated Industries has been supplying the most rugged, weather-resistant, and inventive storage remedies for trucks and project sites. At very good prices they offer top quality Truck boxes that defeat almost all competitors in the market. Looking for a tool box can be a very tedious process since there are many solutions in the market.

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